DETECTION-  Our facility is fully alarmed for fire, smoke, water, and intrusion with 24 hour security company surveillance.  The central alarm system is equipped to monitor all windows and doors for intrusion.  Motion and glass breakage detectors are located in both the office and the warehouse areas.  Closed circuit cameras record any activity through all building exits.

FIRE SUSPENSION-  The record center is equipped with a sprinkler system that will activate only in the area in which a problem has occurred.  Our climate controlled vault meets the national ANSI standards and is equipped with a Halon 1301 fire suspension system to insure the maximum protection of your vital records.

ACCESS-  Only authorized personnel with proper identification are allowed entry into the facility.  Should warehouse entry be needed, a National Records Management escort is present at all times.  Visitors are required to present identification and sign in/out.  All access is checked against a prepared Authorization for Access Form.  Security code levels are designed to control your employee's access to vital information.

CONFIDENTIALITY-  Our employees are bonded and required to sign non-disclosure agreements.  The delivery drivers are uniformed and trained in the handling of both hard copy and magnetic media.

CONTROLLED DELIVERY VANS-  Our well-maintained vehicles are on a preventative maintenance schedule to ensure safety and continued service.  The vehicles are equipped with temperature and security controls.  Automatic locking systems ensure that our delivery vans are locked at all times.