Order-pickers allow easy access to all materials in storage. View of aisle 1, from the balcony

Storing Records

IDENTIFY your records to be stored.  Files should be packed in cartons, preferably 15"x12"x10" record storage cartons.  Do not pack cartons too tightly, or beyond the top of the carton.  Weight should not exceed 30 lbs.

PLACE a bar code label on the end of each carton or in a designated location.

PREPARE a Record Transmittal Form to be delivered to our facility with your cartons or use the InfoKeeper web-based application. The information you provide enables us to keep track of your materials in our database.

NOTIFY NRM of the number of cartons ready for storage.  A pick-up will be scheduled, and the cartons will be placed in our inventory.


View of aisle, the south end of the facility Another row of rack going up


Recalling records

CALL, FAX, or E-MAIL a request to NRM with your company name and account number, your name, and the NRM barcode number of the materials needed.  Also, be sure to specify whether you need Rush or Regular Route delivery.

PICK-UP / DELIVERY- any records no longer needed at your facility can be returned to us with the NRM representative making a delivery.  If you wish, you may also pick up records at our location.  Please let us know in advance so we can have the materials ready for you.


AUTHORIZATION is required before NRM wil proceed with destruction of any materials.  We require a written request to destroy records.  A letter of certification will be sent to your office to confirm destruction once the material has been processed.