National Records Management's bar code driven tracking system includes the InfoKeeper, which is available for our clients' use.  The InfoKeeper is a web-based application providing secure state-of-the-art information management.  This Internet solution permits the users at corporate, division, or department levels to manage their respective databases through any web browser on any platform.

Some key features of the InfoKeeper are:

Data entry screeens can be customized to suit the specific needs of a client.

The box and file folder screens allow clients to list unlimited details describing the stored materials.

Customized searches allow the user to query the database with as much or as little information as is known about the stored items.

Clients have the ability to design their own reports, specifying the fields desired and the order in which they display. The reports may then be downloaded in several different file types.

Clients can easily monitor the retention schedules of their materials, enabling them to process destruction on time and maintain an efficient and accurate retention program.

The InfoKeeper is a highly advanced, configurable program that provides everything you need for effective records management and control.